Pechen’s last three shows

Eight days ago, we took Pechen to Stoneleigh for the British Dalmatian Club’s Championship Show. Donna Whincup thought so highly of her that she awarded her Best Bitch Puppy.

Yesterday Pechen was at Stafford where she was entered in the North of England Dalmatian Club’s Championship Show. The breed specialist judge, Teresa Gardinor, awarded her Best Bitch Puppy. Then Bob Hernandez, the dog judge who is also a breed specialist, agreed with her that Pechen was the Best Puppy In Show.

Then the second show of the day began, the North of England Dalmatian Club’s Open Show. The judge was Sarah Hattrell, an all-rounder. She also thought she was the Best Puppy Bitch, but when she compared her to the Best Puppy Dog, she thought her better and she went home with the Best Puppy in Show.

We enjoyed the day with Kevin and Janet Saunders. She was a very proud “nana”. There were many compliments given to her and us about Pechen.

We would like to thank the judges for their high opinions of Pechen and all those who spoke so nicely about Pechen to us.

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