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22 November 2011

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The latest pictures of the lazy, hazy days of summer

16 August 2011

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7 July 2011

She is now known at home as Bella and here are some pictures in her new home.

Just to let you know Bella is doing great she has completely settled in with the other dogs.

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  1. Hello Bella, you look like you have settled in well! Have a happy life in you new home and have fun with your Border Terrier friends!!!

  2. Hello,
    Bella has settled in perfect with the family – it’s lovely to see the other puppies have aswell. I look forward to seeing them all growing up – it’s great to be able to share everything on this website 🙂

  3. Bella went to her first puppy class tonight – a little nervous at first but soon got used to it. We have mastered sit but we have to practice our “heel” for next week! We are hoping to visit the beach this week if it ever stops raining!
    Are all the other puppies going to toilet ok? Bella still seems to be “loose” on and off, she is perfectly fine in her self – a bundle of energy and is eating well. The only thing I can think of is to cut out the JWB pouches and be on 100% dry food. We have to pop back to the vets this week anyway so will check with them then.

  4. We didn’t change it quickly an she has been on the same since we had her pretty much to encourage her to eat the dried food. We have taken the wet food away now so hopefully it will sort it’s self out.

    1. Sometimes the wet food is “richer” than the dry. That often causes upset.
      You might try another “flavour” of the particular manufacturer to see whether that would help. Sometimes there is something in one flavour which doesn’t agree/too rich/whatever and the other flavour is just the right thing. Obviously I really don’t know.

  5. Just a quick update to let you no how Bella is getting on. We changed her food to Hills large breed puppy and her stomach has been completely better. I weighed her tonight and she is 18kg. It’s our last visit to puppy school this Monday as she will of completed the course but we are signing up for the next stage in September as she’s doing so well.
    We do have a little trouble with her digging holes in the lawn as soon as our backs are turned but on the bright side she hasn’t been much of a chewer in the house.

  6. We think that Lacie is crossed with a cow! She is always wanting to graze on the lawn, not the long grass across the feilds, just our garden. If we could get her to strim round the edges we would be ok but we now have lots of bald patches over the garden.

  7. About 4 weeks ago we noticed a lump on Bellas neck/chest area. We took her straight to the vet but they said to wait 6 weeks and come back then. We took her back today as waiting 4 weeks was long enough to make sure she was ok for us. The good news is the vet said it was nothing to worry about and she would only consider removing it of Bella was in for something else etc being spayed.
    Bella is always ready to go she never gets tired. I walk her before and after work and she’s always outside with me doing the horses & chickens! She’s very good with both just gets the odd over excited moment an chases a chicken or thinks the horse should play with her like another dog.
    We live just outside Cardiff if anyone is ever down this way im sure Bella would love to play with one of her sisters at the beach 🙂

  8. The new pics are lovely Helen. SHe obvioulsy loves her runs on the beach, her canine and human companions!! I love the matching outfit!!
    Marcy like the others is growing so fast. It seems only yesterday that we were bringing her home for the first time. She has coome into season today. Though she was going to a couple of days ago, but first proper signs this morning.

    Look forward to seeing more pics

    Liesel xx

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