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I was looking back on some of the first ones I took of her and can’t believe how much she’s grown. We met an 11 yr old dalmatian bitch this morning and she was only a couple of inches taller than Willow. Her owner complimented me on what a lovely nature she has and what great markings, so of course, I was as proud as punch!

The obedience training is going well. She’s really good at ‘Wait’, which surprised me. Was it something you had already started teaching her before we picked her up?

She’s definitely the most exuberant of the dog training group (but not the naughtiest, at least). I now use a Halti to walk her and once she settles down she is a dream (well, mostly!). At the moment I’m trying to teach her not to jump up on people (or at the counter). She still chases the cats. Work in progress!

22 August 2011

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She is now known as Willow and here are some pictures in her new home.

decorating the den
decorating the den


topping up the tan
topping up the tan

what did I do?
what did I do?

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  1. Hi all. Willow is doing very well. She’s desperate to play with the cats, but they’re not too keen. Tomorrow she has a puppy party to go to and will be able to meet other pups for a play. She has been very good with the toilet and sleeps all night.

    Like Marcy, Willow is being picky at mealtimes. I will try Liesel’s suggestion and change to Burns food. I have tried her with Hill’s science diet, but she was as unimpressed with that as she is with the Wellbeloved. Sometimes she will only take it if I feed her from my hand or off the floor. I have changed her bowl for a flat plate. Despite seeming to be ‘off’ her food she does not seem to be losing weight, so I’m not overly worried, but will cut her meals from four to three and take any uneaten food away after 20 mins, as Mary suggested.

    1. Hi Martine,

      Marcy was the same with the hand and floor thing. If I put food on the floor she gobbled it up – strange girlies!!! LOL!!
      I have queried the amounts that the Burns bag says with Mary and Stilman and will let you know what they think when they get back to me. But what the bag says to give them doesn’t seem enough. Especially when Marcy has eaten around 70grams each meal!!

      Speak to you soon !!

  2. Tuesday 31st she had her second jabs. The vet was delighted at her shape and condition (didn’t weigh her tho), so despite the feeding issues, I think she’s getting what she needs. I tried the Burns all-in-one but she wasn’t any more interested in that than the JWB, so I’ve switched her back to JWB. She is eating better now. I’ve kept up the scrambled egg & toast at tea time, as she really loves that and I follow it with a good handful of JWB (which she doesn’t always finish). She rarely eats her lunchtime food, but is often quite hungry late at night. Can anyone suggest a feed routine as I’m a bit unsure about when to feed, now that we’re down to three meals a day?

    I’ve started clicker training and obedience classes start on Monday, so maybe I’ll eventually get her to stop chasing the cats!

    She likes her veggies, too, Liesel. The uninvited guest (elder bush) that appeared in our garden this year has been well and truly pruned. She doesn’t tend to eat the leaves, though she has tried them (probably not to her taste). So far I’ve managed to police up most of the sticks she gets off it and put them in the recycling bin.

  3. Hi, Willow is gorgeous! Bella was the same as the other puppies with her food. I bought her some of the JWB puppy wet pouches and mixed about a third of it through her complete food. She eats every bit now.
    Bella is booked in to start puppy school in a few weeks you’ll have to let me know how Willow gets on.
    Helen x

  4. Just got back from puppy training. It was more a lecture (being the first one), but Willow got to meet some other dogs. I did notice she seemed more people than dog orientated as she was more interested in meeting humans to start with. She eventually wanted to play with the other puppies but we all had to sit in a circle listening to the trainer. Hopefully next week we will be doing more. It was good for her to experience all the new smells and see lots of other dogs, though.

    Bless her, she’s just collapsed on the sofa, shattered! Early night for her, I think…

    Willow rarely finishes her meals, so I’ve been putting the ‘leftovers’ into a small kong-type toy and sealing it up with half a teaspoon of peanut butter. She loves it and those leftovers soon disappear! I’m cutting out the scrambled egg and hopefully sticking to just the all-in-one will settle her stomach.

  5. Hi, I am Jasmin’s mum (Enigma),
    She did have a bit of a fussy phase with her food, but I kept her on JWB and gave up on making her eat. I came to the conclusion, if she was hungry, she would eat it. We did not feed her eggs or toast after a few days in favour of the all in one, so we could be sure she was getting what she needed. She has now got a very good appetite and rarely leaves any food in her bowl. When I took her for her second jab, she weighed 5.5kg, which we were very pleased with, because she was only 3.5kg to start. She was the smallest of the litter and we were quite concerned at first about getting enough feed down her. However, if you look at the size of her paws and her muscles on her back legs, I do not think she is going to be particularly fine in build when she get older:-) She loves it now we can take her out and she absolutely loves it in the woods where my husband is lucky enough to work for part of the week. We are off to Cornwall in the caravan this weekend and we cannot wait to let her experience the beach…

  6. I weighed Willow this morning – 14 1/2 kilos!

    She’s had a few problems with a runny tummy for a while so I’ve finally given up on the JWB. She’s been on the Hills Science Diet (large breed puppy) for a few days and, lo! we now have logs instead of puddings. I thought I’d mention it in case anyone else is having similar problems.

  7. Bella has been the same on and off. I work in a shop which sells dog food and I’ve spent most of my day researching which I should try instead of the JWB. I’d settled on hills an now I’ve read this, so I will buy it today and gradually swap her over – hopefully it works for Bella like it has Willow 🙂

    1. I hope it works for her. Willow also seems to prefer the taste. While I was swapping her over, she would eat all the Hills and leave the JWB in the bowl.

  8. Willow has lost three teeth in the last few days. I’m not sure if that’s on schedule or if she’s doing too much chewing.

    Her back is now level with my knee. I think she only has a few more inches of growth before she’s full size.

    1. She is on schedule for her teeth. DV is changing hers now as well. Mary was hoping to make a tooth necklace with the teeth we have found, unfortunately we have recovered only three, so it will have to be a pendant ( if ever I get around to making it 😉 ).

      Around six months is when most of the growth will have been made, though they still creep up afterward until about a year.

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