Tolutim Chartreuse JW

(Ch Tolutim Benedictine X Olbero Olympic Rose JW)

Casia was born on the 24th July 2003 and died very peacefully on the 20th January 2018 due to old age.

Casia was the consummate show girl who never stopped wagging her tail. The house is quieter now as she was a great talker and the teeth always chattered as we prepared her food. On the other hand, we don’t have to keep all the doors and gates firmly shut and/or locked, as she was great at opening them. She was a truly wonderful mother to her two litters. The first was by Dalehouse Rockafella which produced Ch Tolutim Drambuie ShCM. The second by Ch Fakenham Flash Gordon which produced the CC winning Tolutim Evensong at Narracoopa ShCM. Both of these are owned by Lou and Liesel Thorner.

Although she had a long life and a peaceful end, she is much missed by Stilman and Mary.

A good day at Richmond

Beren and I made our way to Loseley Park early on Sunday morning: a good trip down, though I did go round about Farnham a few times before finding the road to the showground again.

Beren did well, a third in Limit Dog. Wiggins did even better, winning Open Dog and he was awarded the Dog CC, his fourth.

from julia's facebook page
from janet saunder's facebook page

In the challenge for Best Of Breed, he looked the part as did the bitch. I thought they made a fine brace.

dog and bitch together photo from Ann Hurst Facebook pagephoto from Ann Hurst Facebook page

Crufts 2017

Another year has passed and a Tolutim has been on the television. On Utility Day, the Crufts program showed Marcy for a couple seconds in the title credits. That was one highlight for the year.

The results were good. In Veteran Bitch, Drambuie was awarded a second and Zaffre a fifth. In Limit Dog, Yaffle was awarded a fourth.

More important are the interesting conversations that take place around the ring. The meeting up with friends from oversees is wonderful, for we were able to hear what “foreigners” think of the British dogs. It was wonderful to see Helle Hoie at the ringside. She watched her bitch win her class.

Crufts is always a friendly show, with so much interest around the ring and so much conversation as well, so don’t ask me who did what where. We wish all the winners and losers well for the year to come.

Dalmatian of the Year – 2016

Mary and I went with Zaffre to DOTY this past weekend.

We enjoyed the day catching up with friends of long-standing, and meeting other friends who had disappeared from the scene some time ago. So it was a very good day at a show – a very special show for Tolutim because there were three Tolutim dalmatians there on the day.

  • Tolutim Zaffre met an Irish Champion in the first round and bowed out.
  • Tolutim Yves St Laurent at Judally also got knocked out in the first round.
  • photo by Ann Hurst

  • Tolutim Drambuie, however, had a wonderful day, becoming the first DOTY Veteran winner, receiving the Peggy Pilgrim Memorial Trophy.

We understand the partying went on well into the night, with a meal and dancing after the juddging was over.

Happy holidays!

We would like to wish our readers and friends a Merry Christmass and a Happy New Year. It has been a very good year for us because of our friends in- and out-side the ring.

Inside the ring a few nice placings with Beren, including a first in Limit at the Club Show. That means Beren has his Stud Book Number, which is very pleasing.

Another good result was a few weeks ago at BUBA, when Marcy won her first CC.

Outside the ring, we have enjoyed good company and conversation with old and new friends. Many times we have stayed late to watch the goings-on in the big ring while talking about matters canine over a glass.

We hope this will continue.

Stilman and Mary @ Tolutim

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