Crufts 2014

It was a wonderful day at Crufts, where Zaffre received a second prize in Veteran Bitch, beaten only by one of the most winning bitches in the breed, Ch Dvojica Voodoo.

zaffre at crufts

We enjoyed meeting all of our friends who made it to Birmingham, some from other parts of the country, others from the continent.


Olbero Olympic Rose, JW

Sadly, Sorrel died peacefully during the night of 25 January. Her friends will miss her, but remember her joie de vivre.

Among the high points of her show career was winning her Junior Warrant, Best In Show at Swindon and a Reserve CC at Paignton. She was bred by Brenda and the late Peter Rance and even as a seven week old pup her outgoing temperament. long easy stride and perfect balance were very evident. She produced eight pups from two litters. We kept a bitch from each litter and both of them have done well and continue to do well in the show ring, but in particular her grandchildren have done her proud, winning three CCs between them.

She so enjoyed her food, her showing and her walking, and, although she had a couple of ‘strokes’ in this last year, still very much wanted to go for a walk and did so on the morning of the day she died.

Thank you Brenda for allowing us to have her. We now miss her, and granddaughter DV will miss her after-supper games and her younger daughter Zaffre will miss her evening washes from her loving tongue.

Summer is ended – the holiday period is over

It is official – summer is over. The children are back in school (to the delight of overworked parents). The shows are now spreading out (unlike in July and August when they were so close together). The nights are as long as the days, well just about, and the heat of the summer is dissipating, with cooler evenings and the possibility of a good night’s sleep.

It has been a good year for Tolutim dogs. A CC was awarded to and Wiggins (Yves St Laurent). Wiggins also received a RCC. That is marvelous for all the Tolutim dogs.

Marcie (Evensong) has received a number of firsts and has usually been in the cards at all her shows.

Beren (Yaffle) has been in the cards 90% of the time, usually third place. So we are very happy about that.

It was a glorious summer, apart from all of that, with beautiful sunshine, warm days and nights, and the usual long light evenings. It is a summer we would not want to end, but, sadly, it has. We wish you the best for the autumn.

Tolutim at Bournemouth

Liesel and Julia had wonderful days at Bournemouth Championship Show on Sunday.

Lots of pictures were taken by avid Tolutim followers, here is one showing the girls in the ring competing for Best Bitch, i.e. the Bitch CC.

Liesel handling Molly, Sid Bolt is handling Marcy.



Wiggins won his class, with Beren beaten into third. Then he went on to win the Best Dog award, the Dog CC.

See Wiggins in the ring as he competes for best of breed.

Here are some pictures of him with his handler in the big ring.

Jeff Luscott, Group Judge

Summer is here

With soaring temperatures, full sunlight, long days, and school holidays looming, Summer is here.

Because of all of this, we would like you to take care of your dogs during the coming few weeks of the holiday. Please don’t leave them – or your children – in your cars, as they get so very warm so very quickly. Danger lurks in hot cars. The heat can kill.

Now that the public service message is over, we wish you well during this very welcome summer.