Litters at Tolutim

We have had few litters.
In 1985 we had our first litter. This produced Peritas.
In 1996 the first of the Tolutim litters producedXeno.
In 2003 Xeno and Sorrel produced the “C” litter (including Casia – Tolutim Chartreuse).
In 2006 Max (Dalspa Oratorio) and Sorrel produced the “Z” litter.
In 2009 Dollar (Dalehouse Rockafella) and Casia produced the “D” litter.
In 2011 Harry (Fakenham Flash Gordon) and Casia produced the “E” litter.
In 2012 Harry (Fakenham Flash Gordon) and Zaffre produced the “Y” litter.

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