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Behind the barrier

DV and mother long to get into the other part of the house where the pups of the Y-litter have been moved.

25 April 2012

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Sometimes things are scary

Then they are unusual

But a good stretch puts everything in perspective

27 June 2011

Mary has been busy learning about the camera, and as a result we have some pictures to share with you.

Now, how lucky will I be?

“Now, who are you?”

“I am your auntie.”

27 June 2011

She has stayed with us and we are calling her DV.

She is now exploring with mother

and playing

and still trying to get some comfort food.

9 thoughts on “Tolutim Eau de Vie”

  1. Once Extra Dry left and DV was on her on, she went off her food a bit. We weren’t too worried because puppies do that sort of thing in our experience. Using mother to encourage her (in other words we had Casia hanging around the bowl) she is eating more than she leaves. She looks as though she is heading towards only three meals a day. Lunch and tea is still around 75-80gms of all-in-one food, and supper is about 6oz meat (including some tripe), a handful of biscuit meal, a little grated cheese (for taste and calcium) and a couple of spoonfuls of a raw vegetable ‘puree’. She was about 7.5kg and 12 inches tall when she had her second injection.

    Soon the world will be her oyster as she learns about everything outside the garden.

  2. Fantastic to see pics of DV!! She’ lovely!!!! Never thought to measure Marcy, only weigh her, so will maybe try to do that. It may take a while though, she won’t stand still long!!!!
    See you all soon,


  3. All is well. We went to the vet’s open day where there were lots of people, many strange noises and other dogs which did not have spots. DV enjoyed the people. She did not take any notice of the noise. Those strange dogs were another thing, but she did not take fright and eventually wanted to play with them as they were all very friendly.

    She wasn’t sure about this other black and white thing though. It was entirely black on the body, with two attractive stripes from head to tail. Very friendly, more friendly than Stilman could believe, as the dog he grew up with had encountered one of these Mephitis mephitis and it was two weeks before the dog was allowed to fraternise with the family.

  4. Aww She’s lovely!!! and its about time we had some more pics!!! 😉
    Is Zaffre “putting up” with her in the cage, or is she more tolerant of her now?

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