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Marcy at Crufts on 8 March 2013

Marcy at Crufts

photo courtesy of Liesel Thorner

At Crufts

Marcy and Liesel had a wonderful day out!


Marcy has been a busy show girl. At Poole Open Show she won best puppy in dalmatians, then later on in the show won Reserve Best Puppy in Show beaten only by the puppy malamute who was reserve best in show

Meanwhile at another show she won a place to Crufts.

27 November 2011

Bournemouth Canine Society holds a show in the summer in the middle of the New Forest, so many go there in August. Molly and Marcy did so. Marcy went and had a nice day in the non-entered dog tent while Molly was on show.

at the show

her reward

at play

15 August 2011

30 June 2011

14 June 2011

She is now known Marcy and here are some pictures in her new home.

30 May 2011

27 thoughts on “Tolutim Evensong”

  1. Thought I would just catch everyone one up with whats going on mealtime wise with Marcy. I understand that a few of the other puppies are being a little fussy over their dinners too.
    Marcy decided she did not like her meat and biscuit meal at all and hardly touched it. Her complete meal she laboured over and only ate most of it as I hand fed it. I decided that maybe she was not hungry enough at the mealtimes, as I gave one of them a good time later than usual. She ate the majority of her dinner on her own that time. This got me thinking that maybe three meals a day might be better for her, so set about trying it. Her lunchtime meal did not go down well, but I had been given a sample bag of Burns mini bites (for puppies and small dogs) so I tried her with this, about two thirds of the bag. It was gone in no time. Fluke I thought as she was probably hungry as she did not have much at lunchtime. So when I fed Molly, about 2 hours later I gave her the remainder of the bag. Same again, gone in no time. She had JWB this morning for breakfast and was back to leaving some, as she did at lunchtime today when my OH fed her. Tonight she had Burns mini bites as I bought a 2kg bag today….. gone in no time. So my conclusion so far is that she has gone off JWB. I am still however keeping her on 3 meals per day.
    Having spoken with Mary on the discussion of protein levels as Burns is only 21%, Mary advises that 21% is ok and not to be concerned. She advises that is is very important to establish a firm feeding regime with them, so that when they are at a stage where they have growth spurts, they are eating each meal without issue.
    My own research has also shown that most advise a protein level for puppies of between 17 and 27% if which burns falls into.
    I do have to say that Molly has been fed on Burns for almost three years as we changed quite quickly to this when we had her and has done fine with it. It’s hypoallergenic as well.

    I would be interested to here, if anyone else is still having meal issues and whether you have also come up with solutions which seem to work at the moment. Marcy will throw a few more confusing times at us, as will the others for you all no doubt, so fore armed is for warned as they say. I will continue to put comments on Marcy’s page and hope it helps anyone that may be going through similar experiences and will look forward to reading yours. A problem shared is a problem halved.
    I hope you are all enjoying your wee ones as much as we are .
    We look forward to hearing from you!!!

  2. We have little Enigma, now known as Jasmin. She had pretty much the same problems as yours i.e. she would not eat all her food and only ate some when fed from the hand. She liked the toast and marmite and egg, but I decided to cut this out in favour of her all in one. I am not sure what changed, she simply just started to eat more and now she is chumping her way through a good sized meal. I sometimes put some fresh chicken on the all in one as she loves that. Rudy, her big brother has learnt to leave her dish alone, so there is no longer a problem with him eating her food. Like yours, she only eats 3 times a day, and not quite so much midday. She is still on JWB and seems to like it, but I have not really tried any other brands yet. She has put on a good 2kg since being with us and the vet is very happy with her weight/size even though she was the smallest of the litter. We are really enjoying having her, she is a real pleasure, but Rudy is having the best time ever…

    1. Great to hear that Jasmine is doing so well Louise. I bet Rudy loves her already. Our Moll, (Marcy’s half sister) is being great, so far anyway. She playing with her a little more now, and it gets quite rough sometimes, Marcy thinks it great.
      ” Little Enny” was always getting stuck in with the rest of them when we visited, even though she was the tiny one. Quite a character!!!
      Have fun with her and Rudy.

      Liesel x

  3. ” Madam” is feeling her feet now!!! She can be quite mischievous. She knows exactly when she is doing something that is not acceptable as when she spots me making a move towards her, she bolts off, usually with an offending article in her mouth!!
    She has a nasty habit of picking up sticks, or pieces of shrub and even removing these from the plants themselves, then if I don’t spot it quick enough proceeds to eat it. Bit of a worrying habit really, because although she’s not left outside on her own (well maybe for a few seconds or so while we work out which direction she’s darted off in) I’m concerned she may get one stuck, or in the the case of Leanne Mapplewell’s bitch with the barbecue stick, swallow one and have problems.
    Toys are a distraction briefly, then back to the sticks!!!
    Short of taping her mouth up when she goes outside (only joking), anyone got any ideas how to break this habit! By the time I’ve realised she has got it it’s too late to use the water treatment and I am rushing to her to remove it from her mouth anyway!!
    All suggestions gratefully received!!!

    Liesel x

    1. Likewise – Tiana (ED) is also eating sticks, indoor plants, lumps of cut grass and is now quick enough to stay out of reach! In the safety of the garden we’re not too worried (but naturally are discouraging her) but when she starts venturing further afield in a week or so then as you say it’s a worry. s you say by the time you realise i’s often too late! Our late Dallie bitch Jana was exactly the same and gobbled up anything that caught her fancy on her walks.

  4. Well Marcy is eating fine still so much so, my question of today is “Does anyone else have a gobbler”
    Yes she gobbles, eating her dinner almost as quick as Molly. Becuase I feed her on a riser, if she’s not carefull while she’s gobbling she tips the bowl of the edge of it!!

    You comments awaited!!!

    1. We are still feeding DV by herself, so she still eats quite slowly, though not as slowly as she used to. It may be that, with Molly hanging around the bowl, she feels compelled to eat everything as soon as possible.

  5. Hi all, just a quick update as I haven’t posted much lately. It’s amazing how busy these pups keep us!!!
    Weighed Marcy today, about 14-141/2 kilos, (she kept wiggling!!!) and 181/2 inches tall. Still on Burns with a little something else mixed in to add a little more fat as the burns is slightly lower than the rest. But only a little added now.
    Molly and her still get on like a house on fire. Although Molly can be a little more stern with her now if she feels she’s pushing the boundaries.
    It’s funny to watch Molly if I have ” lost” Marcy. Our garden goes around the house so quite often we are wandering round after each other. If I say to Moll ” Where’s Marcy” she’ll shoot off round at speed looking for her!! She even helps me catch her if she’s run off with something in her mouth that she shouldn’t have. I do wonder though if that’s just so she can get it herself” .
    Marcy now comes along to ringcraft with Molly and I. It’s really good social for her and last week it seemed to be puppy night as there was only Molly and one other adult there, so Marcy had a whale of a time.
    She’s walking well on the lead now, although it seems that she does not like to be behind and pulls to get level with Moll, or in front!!! I now have two arms of the same length, where as for nearly three years I have had one longer than the other LOL!!!
    Marcy is also a chatter box, like Molly. She uses it quite regularly at the moment to tell us off! or to tell me that I’m not really being quick enough getting her dinners ready. !!

    Well will sign of for now and will post an update again soon. Looking forward to hearing from everyone else. Take care all

    Liesel xx

  6. Pingback: A cautionary tale
    1. That photographer would be me!!! and thank you!! LOL!!

      They had a great time and I am pleased I managed to get them in focus, which was a mega task cos they were bombing around at 100 miles an hour. But the action setting on my camera is a God send!!! xx

  7. Stilman, Lou now has a monk on as he did not get a compliment for his pictures of Molly in the ring!!! I told him that a chimpanzee could have taken those!!!!LOL!!

  8. Well a little update as we have not done so in a while….

    Marcy recovered from her op well and is back to her usual naughty self!!
    Just weighed and measured her and although her op knocked her growth back a little bit, she is now 21kgs and 21.5 inches tall at the withers. So not too bad really!!
    Molly and Marcy still get along lie a house on fire, and although their play is getting a little rougher as Marcy grows, they still play well with rarely a crossed word from either. The only time there is, is when Marcy tries to steal the one chew toy/bone that Molly will not allow her to have. Then its a quick ” it’s mine” from Moll!!!
    Marcy has her first show on Sunday. Its a fairly local open show and she will be entered in Junior as there are no puppy classes. It’s a practice run for her to see how she goes. She won’t be the most well schooled show dog there, that’s for sure!!! She does have a mind of her own somewhat!!
    Her recall in the garden is atrocious, her recall away from home is brilliant. She is trained to a whistle as Molly is and it’s seems to work well. I have now started using it in the garden!!!LOL!!
    Well I hope all your charges are being good for you. It would be good to hear from you all

    Liesel, Lou, Molly and Marcy!! xx

  9. Well Marcy had her first championship show on Sunday. We went to Driffield SHow which is help at Wetherby Racecourse.
    She was entered into Minor Puppy Bitch class where there were 7 very nice puppies. She behave very well, and showed well too. We have to get her tail wagging a little more though. The judge looked at the dogs while lined up in a row, then asked us all to move the pups around the very large ring all together. We then took it in turns to go up to have the girls gone over by the judge. When it was Marcy’s turn she was a good girl. She wagged her tail for the judge and stood very well. We then had to move around the ring at a trot on our own and then in a triangle formation so that the judge could see her going away (looking at her rear leg movement) from the side (looking at her side gait) and coming back towards her (looking at her front movement.) Then we had to join the end of the line. Once everyone had finished the judge then made her final choices. We were very pleased when we were placed second!! This placing qualified Marcy for Crufts next year!!!
    Unfortunately Molly wasn’t placed in her class this time, but she has already qualified for next years Crufts, so we will be able to enter both now!!! yey!!!
    We had a great day, met up with friends, and called in at Mary and Stilmans on the way home!! Good day had by all.

    Be good to hear from you all to catch us up on what your babies are up to!

    Liesel, Lou, Molly and Marcy xx

  10. Hi Liesel,

    Which day are the Dalmatians at Crufts? We haven’t been before so is it just the one day or spread over them all?

    Hope you’re well,

    Helen 🙂

    1. Hi Helen,

      yes we are good thanks.

      Dallies are on Thursday only. Each day has a group/s allocated to it, culminating in Best in Show on Sunday.
      Are you going to be there? It would be great to meet you in person!! Do let us know and we can look out for you! Obviously Mary and Stilman will know what you look like!! LOL!

      I am busy trying to get a bit of phantom weight of Molly at the moment! Or she’s going to be a bit of a chub in the ring!!
      Marcy is still maturing. Hope she has finished growing and starts to fill out a bit now. She is a lovely girl, very cuddly!! In fact they both enjoy cuddles. I tell them I have two wings!!! (I used to say that to my boys!!)
      Anyway, hope to see you at Crufts

      Take care

      Liesel xx


  11. Hi Liesel,

    Yes we are defiinitley going to Crufts – really looking forward to it 🙂 do you have a time for your classes? Sorry for all the questions! I’d love to see your Molly & Marcy they look so cute in the pictures.

    Thanks for the info

    Helen x

  12. Cute!! mmmm, depends on their mood!!!! LOL!

    The bitches are judged after the dogs but there are not usually as many dogs as there are bitches. I would imagine that bitches would be on by 10 ish but it’s so hard to judge he may rush through.. Marcy and DV are in puppy so are on first I think, unless veteren is first I can’t remember. Molly will be on later in Limit.

    Look forward to seeing you there!!xx

    1. Hi Jonathon and Helen, hope you are both well and of course Tiana!! We will be seeing you on Monday I hope!! 😉

      Not much show news really as haven’t ha any champs shows much since Crufts. Welks only I think where both girls did well. Marcy with a second placing in a strong class and Molly with a third in a strong large class. So please with those.
      The BDC held their open where Marcy was 4th and Molly won her limit class, again a strong class so very pleased.
      We have a run of shows coming up now. Bath, Southern Counties, Three Counties and then we are off to the Borders!!
      Are you doing any more other than Bath?

      I hope your op and subsequent recovery is going well Jonathon, look forward to seeing you both next week.

      Liesel xx

      1. We didn’t make Bath as the Consultants were a little economical with the information pre-op. 6 weeks out of action has in reality become 4 months for me! Yes I’m still on crutches for another 2-3 weeks! Sounds like you’ve been busy nonetheless. I did have her registered for the Southampton show this weekend (17 Jun) and a Club member was to show her on our behalf but rather inconveniently Tiana come into season last weekend. Bother! We will meet again…

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