June, a month of high and lows

We have to let you know of three deaths during June, Tolutim Eau de Vie (DV), Tolutim Extra Dry (Tiana) and Tolutim Dawn Treader (Pebbles).

Tiana died following a long struggle with cancer.

Pebbles was released from her struggle in the end with her failing health at the age of almost 14 years.

DV had to be put to sleep because of gastric torsion.

All their owners are saddened by the loss of such good companions, who were always a joy to be with and loving, but those memories hearten us in our lower moments encouraging a better frame of mind.

Mary and I have been enjoying showing Pechen as she is doing well and has been well appreciated in the championship shows. This has made the passing of DV less painful, but Pechen has lost her “chew toy”, that neck that was always available for Pechen to mouth. Instead we have taken up the games with kongs and bones and lots of other toys suitable for a sixteen month puppy.

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