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27 November 2011


pictures of lacie – in the woods, playing in the garden and flaked right out!

21 July 2011

Lacie is doing really well, she really is part of the family now. We have got to go to the vets next Thursday to have her weighed and for her to get her flea and worm treatment again. We think she weighs roughly 8kg and is about 13-14 inches tall.

14 June 2011

She is now known as Lacie and here are some pictures in her new home.

it’s been such a long day!

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  1. Like the other puppies Lacie has been fussy with her food, although the last couple of days she has greatly improved. We have stuck to the JWB and have just added either bits of chicken, sardines and even grated cheese to the complete food which seems to encourage her to eat. Will think about giving the Burns a try though. It made me laugh to think that i wasn’t the only one feeding Lacie from the hand and the floor!!Last week we had a quiet little puppy who was scared of her own shadow, this week well…..completly the oppisite…..into everything, chewing, eating plants, strimming the lawn! She is lots of fun though and we all love her dearly.

  2. It’s amazing how much they change in a week clare!!! My mother puppy sat today while we went to Bath Show. It seem Marcy let her a right dance, hanging of her trouser legs as she walked was the best one!! I hope she will puppy sit again, but as she now calls her the delinquent I’m not so sure ;))
    Have happy times with Lacie, they are like children, they grow up too fast.

    Take care
    Liesel x

  3. Had a go at weighing Lacie again today and she is roughly 10kg and about 15inches in height. It must be all the grass, soil, twigs and leaves that she keeps eating!!

  4. Can’t beleive our little ones, well not so little now are six months old. Lacie is around 22.5 inches and around 23kg, although weighing and measuring her does prove rather difficult as she will not keep still.
    Lacie is a real character, and is very vocal. Not barking, more of a growl and a whine mixed together, her way of trying to tell us she would like some attention or that maybe its her tea time.
    Lacie has smiled a few times which is soooo cute! When we return home she is always so pleased to see us its not just her tail that wags – her whole back end is going.
    Lacie loves all people and thinks that everyone we pass in the street should stop and make a fuss of her. She is really good off the lead and always comes back when called. We do keep treats in our pockets to reward her. On the lead she pulls like a train, especially on our way to the feilds, once she has had a run she is not quite so bad, so thats when we tend to practice road walks. Work in progress I think!!
    She is so good at home with all of us and has got such a lovely nature. She lies on her back and lets George blow raspberries on her tummy! She really is a pleasure to have and we all love her to bits.
    Hope all the other puppies are doing well. Looking forward to seeing more photos and reading updates.

    Clare and family xx

  5. To Mary and Stilman

    Guess what – I got an A for my Dalmatian project. When we see you, you’ll be able have a look.
    Love from George

  6. Thank you very much – she is a star!!!! A very friendly dog who loves to greet everyone we meet – people and dogs. As big as she is she loves nothing better than sitting on your lap for a cuddle. Special people even get a smile!!! Rubbish guard dog though – she only barks when its tea time and we’re not getting it quick enough.

    1. But the best guard dog is the one who sits on your lap (or anyone else’s lap). You cannot move and have to wait for the police, or George, to release you!

  7. Any ideas on how to stop your dog eating your garden?????

    Now our shrubs are budding again and coming into leaf, Lacie has gone mad and will not stop chewing and eating our garden. Apart from tying her jaw together (only joking) we don’t know what to do to stop her.

    Any suggestions greatly received.

    Clare xx

    1. Thank you very much. It is hard to believe that they are two years old!

      Zaffre turned into a veteran a few days ago as well. And Beren will be a full year next month. Time just flies, doesn’t it?!?

      Hope you all enjoyed the birthday celebrations.

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