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Tiana walking the South Downs in October 2011

before her problems (see below)

1 November 2011

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playing with that lead

something’s scratching my neck: I need a shake!

I’m comfortable in this pad!

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Here are some pictures of ED in her new home.

Aren't I cute?
Aren’t I cute?

exploring the garden – just after tripping over that third step
exploring the garden – just after tripping over that third step

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  1. Lovely to see some pics of her at home. Yes! she is cute!!!
    Looking forward to hearing how she’s getting on through these posts. Have lots of fun with her!!
    Liesel x

    1. She’s definitely fun but boy those teeth are sharp! In 10 days she’s gone from being a bit doddery to a little greyhound when she’s decides to take off! What a transformation!

  2. Finally ED has a name! She goes by the name of ‘Tiana’ pronounced tee-AHN-ah. Some claim it is of Russian and Latin origin. Others claim it is Greek meaning `Princess `. We can see her name being shortened to Tia at some point but for now she is responding to Tiana. We became sold on the name when we realised that it’s phometically only one letter removed from the name of our old Dallie ‘Jana’, pronounced YAH-nah!!

    Tiana is a dream…she’s eating well and loving her frequent walks around the garden. She still doesn’t quite know what to make of the cats but for now she’s boss and the cats have decided to migrate outdoors! That’ll probably change with a spell of wet weather. She has company from morning to night and then has the cheek to howl when we decide to retire to bed. However this token protest only lasts around 5 mins and we have been fortunate with pretty undisturbed nights. She’s already one of the family with no shortage of cuddles and laps to lie on.

    She has her booster vacs on Tuesday and was completely un-phased by her trip to the vets. Took little notice of the other dogs and then interacted with our Vet like she was seeing a frequent acquaintance.

    We’d forgotten how much puppies like to chew…anythings game! The visit to Pets at Home for some Puppy nylon bone has distracted her from the boys jogger bottoms, indoor plants etc but you need eyes in the back of your head!

  3. This week we have gradually introduced Judges Choice Puppy Food and Tiana loves it. No adverse reaction and she appears to be keener than JWB – or maybe it’s just the change! We fed our old Dallie on this and it appears to be a premium food at reasonable prices. They also deliver to your door. Judges Choice holds the Royal Warrant for the supply of pet food to her Majesty the Queen. Any before anyone asks I’m not on any kind of commission (!) ….just interested in whether anyone else has experienec of the brand or has a view? Puppy food is £30.99 for 15kg)

    Protein levels are 29% (click on the ‘more information’ button once you’ve navigated to the link). There are no artificial nasties – no preservatives, artificial colourings or flavourings or anything else. Any comments +ve or -ve gladly received.

    Beyond puppy stage we switched to Country Pursuit (Adult) Maintenance(£17.99 for 15kg):

    Protein levels 20%.

    Let us know your thoughts

  4. Tiana had her first experience of the Beach this past weekend! She was wary of the waters edge but had no hesitation leaping into rock pools! Weighed her over the past few days and she’s coming in at 13.1 kg and about 16-17 inch at the withers (difficult to tell as she doesn’t stand still long enough!). We’re starting formal Puppy training classes next Monday – a new experience for her and ourselves!!

  5. We’re considering returning Tiana to the Tolutim Service Center for re-programming…this dog never sleeps! We’ll take her on the most tiring of walks where she’ll clamber up and down all the banks and we’ll think “great, that’s her done for the afternoon”. But she’s not programmed that way! Will she sleep? No way. This one keeps going from morning till night, trotting around the garden, playing tug-of war, tearing bones apart etc etc. So we think, let’s all settle down and let her sleep on the Vet Blankets (one in each room!). Only she doesn’t see it that way; if we’re awake then she must think ‘I have to be too!’ Eventually she’ll settle around 8-9 p.m….. if we’re lucky. Thankfully we have a good sized fenced garden otherwise she’d be on perpetual walkies!

    Is anyone else’s dog running on Duracell batteries too? Tiana’s developed into a very strong and muscular dog. Maybe she’s just built to last! And she’s brill’!

  6. Sadly we also have to report that Tiana underwent bowel surgery today. Somehow she’s eaten items (we think part of a dishcloth) and developed obstructions in the stomach and smaller intestine. She’s had four incisions in the bowel and stomach to remove the blockages. The next 48 hours are important to her recovery.

    1. So very sorry to hear about Tiana. We know exactly what you are going through having been through it with Marcy. Sending you our hopes and prayers for Tiana’s recovery. xx

      1. Hi Liesel – Just wondering what precautions if any are you now taking with Marcy? Tiana was vomiting and struggling with her motions so we knew some intervention was needed. Since the incident we have been told a tale of another dog that was cured by being presented with a tub of Margerine! I’m thinking it may have been worth a try to avoid the intrusive surgery. It’s so sad; this time last week she was an athlete, now she’s plodding around like a geriatric. With our old Dallie she was also a ‘Sneaky Thief’ as you put it but what she put down her particularly with the kids growing up was anyone’s guess; she even eat a large section of carpet, including the underlay and goodness knows what else with little effect. It’s difficult to comprehend why Tiana’s reaction has been so different and of course we’ll never know!

        In particular I’m wondering what diet Marcy was on post op?

    1. Thank you for all the well wishes. We had a worrying night with her shivering and just generally unsettled. This morning she’s been back to the Vet. Her wounds are looking inflamed and she’s lost her trim stomach shape as there’s internal seepage from the wounds. Thankfully she appears to have stabilized this morning but it feels like one day at a time for now. Still, she’s experiencing a-la-carte food menus so it’s not all bad for her!

  7. We had a set-back this week, Tiana’s abdomen swelled and some stitches burst overnight. The abdomen muscle had become infected and she’d developed what looked like a fist-size hernia pushing at her underneath. So she’s been unzipped again, some of the muscle has been scraped away and the abdomen has been flushed out again. That was Tuesday. She’s now home with three drainage tubes protruding from her stomach to discharge any further liquid. So between her being in season and this … it’s just as well we have patterned carpets! She’s now sporting a delightful collar and is stoked up on two separate antibiotics. We have to keep her ‘quiet’..hmmm Dalmation, sedate, quiet , not words you associate with one another. That’s it for the week from Vets Corner.

    1. Hi both,

      just dropping a line to see how Tiana is getting on. Mary told me that she went back in for second surgery and I saw your post. Are things progressing better now?
      I have just seen that I missed a post on 20th November where you were asking me about Marcy’s post op diet. I am sorry I missed the post, but hope that our telephone conversation dealt with the issues.
      Only one thing I would mention about the margarine though.I am not exactly sure what it may have done for the dog you mentioned, and may well have helped push things through. However I would be very cautious with fats and oils in large amounts as they can be a conbtributory factor to pancreatitis.

      Hoping that Tiana is well on the road to recovery

      Take care all


  8. Things are looking up. Tiana was back at the vets on Monday when she had her drainage tubes removed. Since then there’s been no further significant swelling. She does have some inflammation (each larger than a 50p piece) around her teats but we’re assuming that’s the first signs of a false pregnancy after her first season. She has another few days of the antibiotics to run. The healing process is clearly happening where she’s been unzipped but the metal staples have to be removed next week. Long-life (!) long nylon stitches are still in situ inside. We’ll know more on Monday after her visit to the Vets. She wan’t wait to get the Collar off and neither can we! She’s developed this habit of greeting you by nuzzling at pace in between your knees. With that collar on we’ve nearly been bowled over on several occasions! Now have to see whether our plastic card will withstand the bill – aaaaarrrrggghh until PetPlan cough up!

  9. So pleased to hear things are progressing better with Tiana. Here’s hoping they continue and she’s back to herself soon.
    As far as the swelling round her teats is concerned, your probably right, it does sound as though she may be starting to phantom. Typical isn’t it, just when you don’t want any more hassle.
    Well Marcy and Molly send get well soon hugs to their sister and half sister respectively !!!LOL
    take care

    liesel xx

  10. At long last she’s getting back to normal. There’s more bounce about her – although strictly she’s still on ‘House Rest’ for 4 weeks – ha, ha! We do try to keep her quiet although it’s hard when she mournfully brings her toys for you to tug-a-war with! Her wound is now healing up rather well and hopefully there’ll be little evidence of the surgical cut. Here’s hoping for a Vet Free Christmas!

    1. Fantastic news!!!! So pleased that she is getting her bounce back. !! Here’s to a continued recovery and a vet free Christmas. Have a good one!!

      Liesel xx

  11. Happy New Year to Tiana’s brother and sisters. Tiana is just about back to normal, taking her owners for daily walks through forest, streams and bridleways. She doesn’t have to wait for the lead to be pulled from the rack, oh no, she instinctively recognises small changes in household patterns and starts to get all excited. When I’m at work and Helen is on her own she’ll even start barking at her, like clockwork, “hey it’s time to go out”. Her scar is healing well and we’re waiting for her coat hair to fully grow over the evidence of the morphine patch. She only has two phobias 1) toweling down after a muddy walk – but she’s getting better and 2) having her front claws clipped (back claws no problem). For her front claws we deploy various deception techniques but she will awake from the deepest of sleep when she senses those clippers! Already she’s a great Guard Dog and her bark should deter any opportunist – unless you know the breed as that tail is always going! She’s already slit her tail a couple of times in confined areas – she’s beaten her tail on the kitchen white goods; normally and thankfully this has been when visiting family and they don’t make a big thing about the blood trail! Each time it’s healed up well.

    Although she’s currently the only dog in the household she’s socialising daily with other dogs on her walks. We should play a kind of dog ‘bingo’ as we’re quietly working our way through so many different breeds! In the forested areas we have her ‘off lead’ for 95% of the time and she can be trusted to stay close, always in front though as she detests lagging behind! It nevers ceases to amaze us how many dogs are on-lead but maybe we’re spoilt with the Dally breed as ours have always been trustworthy and never prone to run-off.

    Regards to all.

    1. A tip for tails — a piece of micropore over the tip of the tail can prevent it opening. We have used this for a long time for each of the dogs. It just cushions the tip so that when they bang their tails against a corner, it doesn’t necessarily open up.

      It also saves time and effort in keeping everything clean.

      Most people won’t notice the micropore — and we all know why, don’t we? Yes, because it is always wagging so much they cannot focus on the end of the tail.

  12. Our second weekday evening at Ringcraft Training in Southampton. Thought we’d give it a go! Last week was fun for Tiana and a bit embarrassing for us as she was so exuberant. Nevertheless when the Judge’s feedback suggests she’s got what it takes, a return visit seemed worthwhile. This week was manic; must’ve been around 35 dogs at the training evening. Is there some big dog show coming up? 🙂 At the training evening they maintain a league whereby each week the top 5 dogs are placed and qualify for points. I’m guessing points must mean prizes later in the year as the Club league draws to a close. Now picture this…some, no most, are taking it ever so seriously and Tiana enters the hall looking like a teenager on speed. I almost turn round and head back through the entrance door in sheer embarrassment as there’s little sign of progress from Week 1. Anyways this little Madam is a bit of surprise. This not so little girl now, settles down, struts her stuff around the carpet, stands to attention and everything else you and her have to do and with no previous experience achieves 3rd place in amongst some stiff competition from around 25 dogs in the Puppy Class under 12 months. Maybe she belongs on the cat or is it the dog-walk? Hopefully it was just a fluke otherwise I’ll need to wave goodbye to my Tuesday evenings for some months.

    1. Sounds like your having a great time!!! Well done Tiana on your 3rd place, and among so many puppies!! not forgetting the handler of course!!

      Keep us posted on her progress!

  13. At short notice we took the plunge on Saturday and entered Tiana into the Christchurch & New Forest Canine Society Companion Dog Show. It was held under KC rules and regulations, so semi-serious I suppose. Anyway she was entered into the Pedigree Puppy Class with around 20 other dogs and walked away with 2nd place! She was extremely well behaved, walked and showed well – her only sin being a lick on the nose for the judge! She was beaten only by a Blue Merle Sheltie that could’ve walked on tight rope, such was the straight lines she was walking! I’m sure my arm is an inch longer since I started all this show training stuff!

    1. Your time at handling class has obviously paid off. I know that they like Tiana there, as we saw Sue on Saturday at the Joint Dalmatian Clubs show. We certainly look forward to seeing you in the ring as well. Dalmatians usually kiss the judge, they just cannot help it — it is in the genes from millenia ago. Also, part of the genetic make-up is renovating human physiology. I have taken to walking two dalmatians one in each hand, so now I look like an orangutan.

    2. Before I set about my congrats for Tiana, I just need to tell Stilman before he picks up on the timing of this post, it’s my lunch break!!! ;))

      Anyway Congratulations Tiana, Helen and Jonathon. Fantaistic news. Guess you have the bug now yes?
      Funny you should have entered the Christchurch and NEw Forest Companion show, as I was going to mention their open show to you, wondering if you might like to join us at that show. We will hopefully be doing that one and it would be great to see you there.
      I have picked up an extra schedule which I post if you would like. It’s a lovely show, we did it last year.
      Are we going to see you at Crufts next week?

      Don’t forget you can email me anytime. Let me know what you think about the open show.

      Well done again,

      Liesel, Lou and the girls

      1. Nice to see you at Crufts. I’m now holed up on cructches for 10 weeks following a knee op on FRIDAY 13th April!! For now show training is off the plot although Tiana is entered at the Southampton Show in a few weeks when I have a handler nominated. I just hope she hasn’t forgotten everything! I think the New Forest Show is this weekend (?) so it’ll be interesting to hear how you got on?

  14. Now starting to walk again having been married to my crutches for 12 weeks – crutches and Dalmatians, hmmmmm. Now starting to walk freely again so we’re going to have another pop at this show stuff and she is she still remembers what to do:-) She’s entered for the Bournemouth and Richmond CC shows. Sink or swim eh!

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