After they have left Tolutim

All the Tolutim puppies of the E litter remain happy in their new homes.

Breaking news

There have been some developments in the growth of the puppies. Two of the girls have come into season this week (DV and Willow on 17 October). This has surprised us, as we have never had our girls come in so young. So for the rest of the girls, be aware of the changes about to take place.

Tolutim Excalibur

Tolutim Eau de Vie

Tolutim Eau de Vie.

Tolutim Extra Dry

See some more pictures of Tolutim Extra Dry at home

Tolutim Evensong

Tolutim Evensong at home

Tolutim Equinox

Tolutim Equinox at home

Tolutim Eclipse

Tolutimi Eclipse at home

Tolutim Enigma

Tolutim Enigma at home

Tolutim Evening Star

Tolutim Evening Star at home

2 thoughts on “After they have left Tolutim”

    DV, Marcy, Tiana, Jasmin, Lacie, Bella, WIllow and of course Excaliber who have have forgotten his pet name!!!

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