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Just a few new shots of the dogs on the beach after our move.

Both Rudy and Jasmin are loving it down here, plenty of time on the beach and a much bigger garden to play in. They are also loving the open fire and we cant budge them from this at night even though they seem to be baking alive. Jasmin teases Rudy all the time and is quite the prima donna, so no worries about her being able to hold her own with the big boy 😉

21 November 2011

Previously …

First beach holiday with the family

30 June 2011

She is now known at home as Jasmin. Here are some pictures in her new home.

Later in May here are some other pictures.

Dinner time together

12 thoughts on “Tolutim Enigma”

  1. It is her brother Rudy and they get on really well. He is so big and she is so small, but he is very gentle with her and they loving playing with ropes and balls. She is already bossing him around and he is too much of a gentleman to tell her off….. at the moment:-)

  2. The beach photos are great, looks like she has really taken to water!!
    Where did you take them it looks a lovely sandy beach. We ended up on tiny pebbles the other day as the beach we normally take Molly too, would not allow dogs on as we had gone into July!! 🙁
    Jasmin is really looking lovely, from a wee pup grows a beautiful girly!! xx

  3. Well they are having a whale of a time in their new home and County!!! They look great.
    Hope you are all settled in well now, it takes some time to get organised after a move. But at least the dogs have made themselves at home!!

    Best wishes
    Liesel xx

  4. Our little Jasmin is now in heat poor thing:-(
    I was wondering if any of the other puppies had come into heat yet and how they were coping?

  5. Yes, DV has come in, so have Marcy, Tiana and Lacie. DV seem to have coped well. She was a little quieter — but only for a little while. Soon back to full throttle.

  6. There are so many dogs around the beaches at the moment, how do manage this when we are out on walks? She hates being on the lead.

  7. Lacie came into season at the beginning of December, she was a little quieter, and had a bit of a worried expression on her face, especially when she was cleaning herself, looking at us as if to say – what is happening to me. We still walked her daily, but we put her in the car and drove out to quieter feilds where we knew we were unlikely to see other dogs.

    1. They are all a little off when they have there first season Claire, it’s very strnage to them. Marcy kept look round thinking whats going on back there!! The next one wont be quite so strange for her.
      She will have come well out the other side by now no doubt, and possibly thinking she may actually have puppies in the nest!!!

      Best wishes


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