The E Litter at ten days

It has been a week or so of broken nights’ sleep and wonder at these little “white rats” in the box with Casia. Now, however, they have started taking the shape of dalmatians and at ten days the spots are coming through. There are two patched girls, one we have called “patches” just to identify her, and the other is being called “eye-patch” for the obvious reason. The boy has been the largest of the lot and is called “bruiser” – for the obvious reason, as he is still twice the weight of the lightest bitch. No other names at this point, apart from the identity marks we gave them, i.e. a little nail polish at strategic points, so we have the captivating names as “tail”, “right front” and so on.

at ten days

The scrum is starting to take shape, no more the amorphous mass of white on the vet bed.

Now we can start looking at them and discerning who is who and making up “proper” names for them as their characters unfold.

Pictures of individuals will be coming, slowly but surely, as I get to grips with this new technology.

2 thoughts on “The E Litter at ten days”

  1. Just lovely!! and Casia so chilled!!! Can’t wait for cuddles!!! Guess Bruiser is the big one lying on the head of that little girl!!!

    Keep them coming Stilman!!!!!

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