We have been too busy

to place many pictures on the site.

As you can see they are bundle of energy, playing all the time.

If not in the garden, in the house.

Then there are visitors …

and the others in the house …

Then there was the heavy rain – something the pups had never seen, because there have only been blue skies and warm temperatures since they were born. This caused a lot of extra work, keeping floors dry and puppies warm.

With grandmother

This weekend saw a big change in the house, as Sorrel and Zaffre have been introduced to the puppies. Zaffre was too much on the move away from the flashing little teeth as the puppies tried to taste what she was like, while Sorrel stood still a little bit longer so we were able to get some photos.

The pups now have another gear in their box. Now they are usually under our feet as we carefully walk around the puppy room. Happily, they are not able to keep up with us as we walk in the garden. Having said that, they are getting fast and can catch up pretty quickly.

They are doing a great many things together, one of which was getting to know grandmother.

Games are starting to be played with the older dogs. They had a very good game with Sorrel yesterday.

Happy Easter

It is to our great embarrasment that nothing appeared on the site last week. In mitigation, we would plead a lot of work that got in the way – a trip to the hearing test which consumed a full day, the usual cleaning up of the puppy room, lots of visitors, and so on. So the time passed and we did not get any pictures taken, nor did we have the time to sit and type.

So we have to apologise to those who have been waiting with bated breath for the next installment.

But the pups have been busy bettering themselves.

The papers in the puppy room have come in very handy for that. And natural science has been taken up by all of them.

They have also been trying to get the better of one another occassionally.

But eventually all of this activity, mental and physical, takes its toll.

They seem to crash out everywhere.

Finally, after their last meal of the day, they always cuddle up together for a good night’s sleep.

Everyone got out today

Today was a beautiful day, the sun was shining until late afternoon. It encouraged all the pups to venture outside. Everyone was out at some time during the day and some were very adventurous wandering about two metres from the doorway.

More importantly there were visitors. Two sets of guests arrived today to enjoy puppies running around as they always do, except they did not.

They were rather lazy and slept most of the time. However, eventually they did wake and so understandably were cuddled and admired.

Here are some photos from today’s more livelier session.

Mary was able to enjoy some quiet time with the pups as well.

See individual pictures

The clockwork black-and-whites

Things are starting to become more interesting as we watch the pups throughout the day. ‘Why?’ you ask.

Well, they are starting to be more active for longer. After they wake they become very active very quickly.

One has been very adventurous, going outside the puppy room into the garden; however, boldness only took her so far, about three feet from the door. Still she has been braver than all of the others so far.

However, she did scuttle back in very shortly.

Another novel activity has been wading in the water bowl.

And then there is the usual scrumming and playing with one another.

Soon the spring has no great tension and the pups’ scrum becomes less lively and they all start congregating on the bed.

Then mother decides she wants to lie down with them so they can replenish themselves on her wholesome milk.

At other times, rest is all that is wanted and this can be anywhere, and with any one in any position.

More – in the light

Well, they are getting faster on their feet. They are no longer dragging their bellies along the vet-bed as they venture onto the newspaper. They are getting better about not wetting on their bed, though they don’t venture too far away from the bed, an amazing pool around the bedding even though there are extra newspapers laid down there.

There were a number of firsts since last I wrote.

  • they ate some chicken
  • some of them looked out the door while it was open

  • some of them got into the cage to have a look around

But essentially everything seems to be the same. They wake, play and then collapse in a heap.