The clockwork black-and-whites

Things are starting to become more interesting as we watch the pups throughout the day. ‘Why?’ you ask.

Well, they are starting to be more active for longer. After they wake they become very active very quickly.

One has been very adventurous, going outside the puppy room into the garden; however, boldness only took her so far, about three feet from the door. Still she has been braver than all of the others so far.

However, she did scuttle back in very shortly.

Another novel activity has been wading in the water bowl.

And then there is the usual scrumming and playing with one another.

Soon the spring has no great tension and the pups’ scrum becomes less lively and they all start congregating on the bed.

Then mother decides she wants to lie down with them so they can replenish themselves on her wholesome milk.

At other times, rest is all that is wanted and this can be anywhere, and with any one in any position.

2 thoughts on “The clockwork black-and-whites”

  1. Thank you!! Addiction satisfied for another day!!
    What a brave girly she was venturing outside!! you can almost see the speed at which she ran back in in the photo!!

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