More – in the light

Well, they are getting faster on their feet. They are no longer dragging their bellies along the vet-bed as they venture onto the newspaper. They are getting better about not wetting on their bed, though they don’t venture too far away from the bed, an amazing pool around the bedding even though there are extra newspapers laid down there.

There were a number of firsts since last I wrote.

  • they ate some chicken
  • some of them looked out the door while it was open

  • some of them got into the cage to have a look around

But essentially everything seems to be the same. They wake, play and then collapse in a heap.

2 thoughts on “More – in the light”

  1. need more piccys please, these are three days old now!! Can’t wait till I see them again so need piccys!! think I know every one of their spots ive been looking at them so much!! xx

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