Happy Easter

It is to our great embarrasment that nothing appeared on the site last week. In mitigation, we would plead a lot of work that got in the way – a trip to the hearing test which consumed a full day, the usual cleaning up of the puppy room, lots of visitors, and so on. So the time passed and we did not get any pictures taken, nor did we have the time to sit and type.

So we have to apologise to those who have been waiting with bated breath for the next installment.

But the pups have been busy bettering themselves.

The papers in the puppy room have come in very handy for that. And natural science has been taken up by all of them.

They have also been trying to get the better of one another occassionally.

But eventually all of this activity, mental and physical, takes its toll.

They seem to crash out everywhere.

Finally, after their last meal of the day, they always cuddle up together for a good night’s sleep.

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