Dalmatian of the Year – 2016

Mary and I went with Zaffre to DOTY this past weekend.

We enjoyed the day catching up with friends of long-standing, and meeting other friends who had disappeared from the scene some time ago. So it was a very good day at a show – a very special show for Tolutim because there were three Tolutim dalmatians there on the day.

  • Tolutim Zaffre met an Irish Champion in the first round and bowed out.
  • Tolutim Yves St Laurent at Judally also got knocked out in the first round.
  • photo by Ann Hurst

  • Tolutim Drambuie, however, had a wonderful day, becoming the first DOTY Veteran winner, receiving the Peggy Pilgrim Memorial Trophy.

We understand the partying went on well into the night, with a meal and dancing after the juddging was over.

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