Sad news

Over the weekend, Brenda Rance died. She was a good friend and guide in the world of dalmatians. Brenda and Peter bred Sorrel who gave us Cassia and Zaffre, and ultimately DV and Beren.

A picture of Brenda from Josie Kaal.

Brenda was a very generous friend, her door was always open and the table groaned with home-cooked food. Long conversations about dogs were always on the menu, dogs home and abroad, as she had lived for many years in The Netherlands and since returning to the UK she had judged regularly on the Continent. Hers was friendly face by the ringside at so many shows, watching the proceedings and gathering impressions of all the dogs on exhibition, while in the ring she concentrated on her dog and would help new-comers standing near her.

Many of her friends were like us, people who had Olbero stock as the basis of their kennels. The Olbero influence was wide-spread, here in this country, on the Continent and all the way to Australia.

We feel enriched by our friendship and will miss her company.

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