Into the light

The pups have been moved into the “public” space of the dining room; in other words, the pups will no longer be hidden in the “den”, though there will be a place for them to retire, we will set up a cage for them. They are now visible to the other dogs in the house. Casia now has to let everyone look in on her brood. (There still remains the meeting of all the dogs – pups and adults – at some time later.)

The very next step will be the exploration of the new area. Up until today, they have only been in the whelping box, in a room wherein no one except Mary and I have been.

There has been some dissatisfaction with the new accommodation, but in general all is well with the pups.

They are sleeping and relaxed about everything finally today.

6 thoughts on “Into the light”

  1. Casia has been absolutely happy with everything, from the pregnancy to the whelping, and now the pups being moved into a new space. The pups, are learning an awful lot about themselves and their environment. Some of it is difficult — like taking their worming medicine — some of it is just different, the bright sunlight pouring into the room.

    The only stress has been on the humans, Casia is unphased by anything and the pups are learning.

  2. Lovely photos again. The pups looked curious at first as you said, but look more setlled in the last photo. What have Sorrel and Zaffre had to “say” about the appearance of these spotted arrivals!!??

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