Still hidden in the nest

The pups still remain in their little “cave” – the whelping box. As their eyes are still not fully open, they are not ready to come out into the sunlight – yet. Once their eyes are open, they will be moved to another room, nearer to the garden, fresh air and Lebensraum. This will happen sometime after they are three weeks old.

Here are some pictures from the whelping room.

This “den” is what the bitch would create in the wild. We have seen it happen with our “girls” just before they whelp, they go out and find a nice cozy spot under a thick bush and scratch up, sometimes making a sizeable nest. Zaffre, who came into season at about the same time as Casia, did this sometimes on her walks, finding a nice thick hedge, getting into the middle of it and scratching up. A few times she wanted to get into a hollow tree.

Who says we have bred the instincts out of our dogs?

The question we keep asking, “Are there nine puppies there?”

A quieter moment in the den.

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  1. That one resting its chin on her mum’s nose looks so sweet! These are adorable pictures, Stilman. It’s such a pleasure to be kept up to date and to see them a little bigger each time. I wonder if you’ll have time to take pictures once they’re fully ‘mobile’. Hope so xxx

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