Today’s thought

Mary said, “Look.” And there was a puppy scratching himself.

Mary then said “Look.” And there was one puppy chewing on an ear.

A little later, there was a mêleé – as much of a mêleé as nine two-week-old pups can make. they were up off their bellies and staggering around for a whole thirty seconds. Then they all collapsed in a heap and there was silence.

Real interaction is occuring between the pups and with as much of the environment in which they can stumble about.

But they do just knock themselves out and go straight to sleep, even in the midst of doing something.

The time they are awake is lengthening, so it looks that our days will become more busy watching the pups so that they can stay safe.

2 thoughts on “Today’s thought”

  1. Congratulations Mary & Stilman, and of course Casia & Harry! What adorable, chunky puppies! Looks like they will soon be leaving the nest,to wander around, then you will be busy, athough you probably already are with keeping a watchful eye over them as they romp, play, eat and sleep. Many an hour whiled away – where did the time go? On puppy watching of course 🙂

  2. Thank you for allowing us to come see the puppies today, they are absolutely adorable. Thank you also to Casia for being so calm, and happy for us to be there. We could have stayed all day, waiting to have cuddles each time they woke!!
    I have some piccys which I will email you. Unfortunately we have not got used to the silly camera yet, so only have a few good ones.
    Looking forward to seeing them again soon, take lots of piccys please to post!!!

    Liesel & Lou xx

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